Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Whatnot

Just wanted to share a few pics with you, and let you know how we're doing. In the black and white picture is Dr. Gupta, our oncologist, and our favorite nurse, Tonya, the insurance slayer. She argues on our behalf with insurance over EVERYTHING! probably shouldn't even get started on that. In the other pic is Steve and Cathy, who gave Jenny her PET scan last week.
We had a great weekend. I can truly say that we were more stressed about trying to beat the bonus 9th level on Super Mario Bros. Wii than we were about cancer. Seriously, I'm not joking. Cancer talks came up a couple times. How to beat a level full of bomb-ombs and pirhana-plants came up about fifty. I thank God for a wonderful wife who is strong, beautiful, and funny. A sense of humor is going to go along way in beating this thing, and there is no shortage of that around our house.
I also thank God for family and friends. Friday night we had dinner with our family. It was great! The food was delicious and the conversation light and fun. We had a great time. As for friends, God could not have gifted us with better ones. At the time of this post, we have 33 followers on this blog, and I would love to reach 100. I know that we are being prayed for not only by so many people here in the states, but across the world as well. It's wonderful having so many people in the mission world in your life. One email, one text, and next thing ya know, a thousand people in a country you've never even stepped in are praying for you. God is amazing. Thank you soooo much for your support.
Tuesday is our heart/lung test to make sure Jenny will be able to stand the chemo. Wednesday is our follow up visit with Dr. Gupta to find out what stage we are in and what kind of treatment options will be available to us. Please pray for a good result from our CT scan, and that God will continue to provide us strength. We love you, and we thank God for each of you. --john


  1. Your faith, strength, and sense of humor are an inspiration to all of us. Dad

  2. this made me hear jenny's laugh in my head...remember the morning you had to wake me up because i was late...indeed, it is...indeed, it is.

    :) Love you! Enjoy some sunshine and smiles today.

  3. Jenny -- I haven't stopped thinking about you or praying for you. Glad we got to talk Friday afternoon. I've read Psalm 34 several times since reading your story on this blog and, yes, THE LORD IS GOOD!! I will exalt Him along with you as we see all the ways He will bless, carry, and strengthen you through this. Your faith and complete trust is so inspiring and heartwarming -- you are gonna witness to soooooo many through this journey.

    I'm glad, John, that you started this blog. Your attitude and outlook is such a testimony already. Plus, everyone will know what the current prayer needs are, like the one for tomorrow's heart/lung test. I'm so thankful, John, that Jenny has YOU for a husband -- your love and strong faith (and sense of humor) make you the perfect partner for Jenny. I love you both so much!

    Aunt Lisa
    P.S. did you beat the bonus 9th level? :)

  4. 50 conversations about Mario Bros.....classic!

    Andy Gross

  5. John and Jenny,

    My name is Lindsey Pettite and my husband, Scott, and I are friends with Lee Crane.

    I just wanted you to know that I'm adding my aggreement to yours. The postive attitude you both have toward this challenge is so encouraging. Continue to let your YES be YES and your NO be NO! Having complete TRUST in Him is so comforting... knowing that He's got you even through this... WOW! (He loves us, ohhh how He loves us!) I love the Psalms chapter you posted. He is good... no matter what. I have had a Kari Jobe song playing all morning...You Are Good.

    Sending positive thoughts of peace, strength & love your way.


  6. Funny, but everyone I mention this to immediately says, "Oh, I know someone who had that. They are doing great now, and just had a child!" Makes me smile, so I'm passing the smile on to you!

    Love, Tracie Walker (P.S. Josh is headed your way tomorrow!)